I'm Kerryn, owner/operator and designer.


I became a stay at home parent in April 2011 when our son, Jono, was born. I rediscovered my love for creating and passion for sewing, (and with it a need for a good excuse to make pretty dresses!) so Raff's Closet came alive in our spare room.

These days I am a little quieter on the machines than usual, as late last year we welcomed our new baby daughter, Natalie into our family.


The Baby Boots and unique Apron Bibs are an integral part of our brand, and my personal favourite has to be crafting our beautiful Christmas Elf dolls!

I believe there is nothing better than being able to lovingly handcraft unique items for you and your child to love and enjoy.


Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping!

-Kerryn x

The Raff's Closet Story